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In 1961 Amr Diab is born in Port Said, Egypt on October 11th (Wednesday 1 Jumaada al-awal 1381 A.H.). His father, Abdul Basset Diab, worked for the Suez Canal Corporation as Chairman of Marine Construction & Shipbuilding. Abdul himself had a fine singing voice and is credited for encouraging his son to sing.

In 1967 Amr joins the school band in the Port Said Laissait, his primary school. On July 23rd, he makes his first official school appearance at the Festival at Port Said where he visits the local broadcasting station and sings Biladi, Biladi (Egypt’s national anthem)on Egyptian Radio. For his efforts, he wins a guitar and receives recognition from the Governor of Port Said.

In 1981 Amr is “approved” (accepted as a professional) by Egyptian Radio and Television.

In 1982 Amr arrives in Cairo (direct from Port Said) and enrolls in the High-College for Arabic Music

In 1983 Amr records his very first song, El Zamn, (lyrics by Hani Zaki, music by Hani Shnouda) but the recording is a failure.

In 1986 Diab graduates from Cairo Academy of Art. Ya Tareek is released, Diab’s very first album. Diab’s 2nd album, Gany Men Albak, is also released in 1986

In 1987 The album Asef La Yougad Hal Akhar is released and is followed up by the release of Khalseen. The latter proves to be a major hit which establishes Amr as an up-and-coming star.

Amr Diab - Lamma Gety Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - 3la Ra7tak Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - 7enneyet El Donia Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - Ana Omry Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - Banadeek Ta3ala Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - Ella Habeby Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - Lama Abeltak Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - Makontesh Nawy Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - Te3bt Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - 01 Banadeek Taala Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - 03 Madrrsh Ana Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - 04 Allumak Leh Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - 05 Maak Bartaah Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - 07 Mally Einaya Ouvir & Baixar
Amr Diab - 08 Heya Hayaty Ouvir & Baixar


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