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Massacre were formed in 1983 by Bill Andrews and soon joined by Kam Lee and Rick Rozz. They disbanded and re-united again several times. After one disbandment, Rick, Terry and Bill joined Death. The band released their debut album From Beyond in 1991 followed by an EP a year later (featuring Cronos of Venom). After which the band split up again. Rozz reformed the band in 1993 and released a new album Promise in 1996. Lee stated this in an interview, “However while in the studio i realized that this material was shit and so during the post production i quit and walked out! This was recorded in 1994, but it took Rick and Earache two more years to finish it because i quit! Do not let them fool you… all the vocals on this album are not me!! I never finished all the vocal tracks!” Promise was very badly received. This led to the group’s permanent disbanding shortly after the release. Massacre will now be reforming for 23 European shows in October/November of this year with Denial Fiend opening. This version of Massacre will include 3/5 of the “Inhuman Condition” line-up. Kam Lee, Terry Butler and Steve Swanson with Curt Beeson and Sam Williams filling in on drums and guitar.”This is not a permanent Massacre reformation. But rather a way to try and make up to the fans and promoters for us having to cancel these dates in May.”states Williams. The tour will be know as the “Massacre Re-Animated”. Massacre played their final show at the 2008 Wacken Festival.

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