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The Dreaming is a rock band in the Hollywood area founded in 2002 by Christopher Hall, former lead singer of the band Stabbing Westward.
Hall is the lead vocalist for the band. Jinxx and Carlton Bost play guitar, Brent Ashley plays bass, and Johnny Haro (one-time drummer for Star 69 and The Brian Jonestown Massacre) plays drums. They frequently play shows at venues such as The Roxy Theatre and Whisky A Go-Go. Their full-length debut album Etched in Blood is available in select stores such as Hot Topic,Best Buy, and more. Their name comes from the comic book series by the same name


The band has released four EPs. In a May 2004 interview, frontman Chris Hall stated that the first has sold over 7500 copies internationally. All together the band has sold close to 30,000 copies.
The first of the four EPs was originally sold in the limited quantity of 500 as a 4 track silver-pressed and self-released (no label) disc. It was given out at shows and sold to lucky fans through the band’s old website (www.thedreamingonline.com).
The first hard-copied EP of the 4 is out of print, and the band has no intention of manufacturing any more. The only hard-copy LP available is the full-length album Etched in Blood.
When it was first released, the Etched in Blood album hard copy could be purchased directly from the band through their website [1], although as of June 1, 2008, this option was no longer available. The hard copy of the album can now be purchased from the band at their concerts, or in stores after the June 24, 2008 release date. The Etched in Blood album is also available for download on iTunes, along with the Dreamo Acoustic EP album.

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