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Stockholm’s ECLIPSE, founded in 1999 by singer Erik Mårtensson and guitarist Magnus Henriksson, offer slick, well polished Melodic Rock with an AOR edge. An opening four song demo scored a contract for their debut record, 2001’s ‘The Truth And A Little More’ released through British label Z Records. Studio guests included EUROPE guitarist Kee Marcello and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN keyboard player Mats Olausson.

As they began the pre-production with for a follow up, having signed to Italian concern Frontiers Records, keyboard player / drummer Anders Berlin opted out. ECLIPSE persevered by enrolling a fresh rhythm section comprising bass player Fredrik Folkare, having ties to SCUDIERO, UNLEASHED and INCARDINE, plus drummer Magnus Ulfstedt and headed to Wing Studios and Blowout Studios to record their second album, entitled ‘Second To None’ in 2003. Mats Olausson once again offered his services on keyboards.

Vocalist Eric Mårtensson, retaining his affiliation with ECLIPSE, joined AMAZE ME during 2003. ECLIPSE signed the ‘Second To None’ album to the Italian frontiers label. The band gave a donation of ‘Need A Lot Of Lovin’ to the SWEET tribute album ‘The Sweet According To Sweden’ in 2004. Later that same year Erik Mårtensson sessioned for BRAZEN ABBOTT.

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