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The band’s lead vocalist was Phil Lewis. Phil Collen, who later joined Def Leppard, and had previously been in the bands Lucy, Tush, and Dumb Blondes, was one of Girl’s guitarists, except for a brief time near the end of the group’s career. Gerry Laffy was the other guitarist in the band. The original line-up also featured Simon Laffy (bass guitar) and Dave Gaynor (drums).

The band were signed by Jet Records, releasing two singles prior to their debut album Sheer Greed (1980), which reached number 33 in the UK Albums Chart. The band’s profile was raised by tours with the Pat Travers Band and UFO. Girl recorded a pre-L.A. Guns version of the song “Hollywood Tease”. It peaked at #50 in the UK Singles Chart in April 1980.

Gaynor left in 1981, to be replaced by former Gillan/Broken Home drummer Pete Barnacle. Wasted Youth (1982) reached number 92 in the UK. Pete Bonas replaced Phil Collen in Girl, though the band broke up soon after.

Girl still have six albums available through Sanctuary Records (previously released by Don Arden’s Jet Records): Sheer Greed, Wasted Youth, Killing Time, Live At The Marquee, Live At The Exposition Hall, Osaka, Japan, the 37 track anthology My Number: The Anthology, Bootleg - Live in Tokyo 1980 and Girl-Sheer Greed-Gerry Laffy - The Rare DVD Collection.

Collen joined Def Leppard, while Lewis joined The London Cowboys, then Airrace, and later L.A. Guns (in 1987). Lewis also sang with New Torpedos, Torme, Filthy Lucre, and The Liberators.

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Girl's Generation - Gee Ouvir & Baixar
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Girl's Generation - Gee Ouvir & Baixar
Girl Generation - Gee Ouvir & Baixar
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Girl`s Generation - Gee Ouvir & Baixar


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