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Along with The Matadors, Flamengo were one of the earliest Czech groups that started out in the mid-60’s as beat bands and recorded a bunch of singles on legal state apparatchik label. Their then-leader Frantisek Francl was a well regarded fuzzed-up guitarist and wrote most of their track (even if they did a cover of John Mayall’s No Reply), but with time, the group changed line-up and with the arrival of the now-legendary vocalist Vladimir Misik and woodwind player Jan Kubik, the group’s sound was dramatically affected and started sounding like a brass rock band, with a slightly more jazz twist than the better know US groups. They might be compared best with Colosseum and sometimes Traffic. Their sole album was set to be released in 72 on the state label Supraphon, but apparently was quickly banned by the regime. Nothing was heard from the musicians until 76, so most likely, they chose to lay low for a while.

If Vlad Misik remained a high-profile musician, the other members sometimes crossed his path, namely in Misik’s Etc… But afaik, no one else from Flamengo remained in the spotlight for long.

!!!!!!!! Bio written by Hugues Chantraine, Belgium !!!!!!

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