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This man has changed the way I’ll forever look at Drum and Bass. Some of his tunes have outstanding melodies (like Submarines) that is like the best trance you’ve ever heard in Drum and Bass form while other tracks of his he just gets down and dirty just pulling out some wicked beats and bass (Like Colossus Capture the Flag). Everything he does seems to ooze with character and drama to present a package that no one has ever heard the likes of before.

Not only is he an outstanding Producer but he’s a great DJ as well nabbing the 8th spot on the best Drum and Bass DJs list for 2004 on DnB Arena. His mix “The Red Mix” is a great mix with great track selection, great mixing, and Darrison’s MCing is incredible. He released Bass Invaderz recently which just has some wicked tunes on it that are mixed perfectly.

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